Coach Danielle

Coach Danielle

Meet Danielle

I am a former professional soccer player who turned to competitive running, mountain biking, and triathlon upon the completion of my soccer career. I have become a reliable, motivating, and dynamic endurance coach. I am a master at the craft of creating high performance athletes.

At PELLICANO Endurance Coaching, I bring the concept of being a team player to athletes. I enjoy helping people who not only want to benefit from my coaching services, but who also want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Whether you are marathoner, triathlete, adventure racer, or cyclist, I help you bring a new level of athleticism to your sport.

As a group, we cheer each other on to the finish line and push everyone to train to their best. Together, we better your athletic performance. PELLICANO Endurance Coaching gives you a stronger sense of self, which is priceless.

Training is my priority. I created PELLICANO Endurance Coaching for you. We would be happy to have you be part of our team!

Cheers! Coach D