Why do you need a coach?

A coach is supposed to motivate, challenge, teach, and track progress. Coach D tailors your workout to your physical and mental limits so you get the maximum results each session. She recognizes your strengths and weaknesses and can quickly incorporate a sound routine that is fun and highly productive. Within just a few workouts you’ll feel noticeably stronger and increasingly motivated to turn your potential into reality.


Coach D knows the spectrum of traditional cross-fit exercises up to the most current in an industry that is always finding new and improved ways to train. Her ability to coach proper technique in all forms is second to none. This insures full benefit while minimizing risk of injury. You’ll walk out of PEC each time feeling energized and motivated to come back and do it again and again.


PEC knows that the old way of training often focused on only one element for “getting in shape” – either lifting weights, calisthenics, biking, or jogging.

While those are beneficial, there is much more to being “fit”. Strength training is important because muscular strength is what we notice and use most in our daily routine. Whether that’s carrying kids around, doing chores at home, climbing up stairs at work, or shoveling snow, muscular strength is not only useful, but it helps alleviate strain on your joints and ligaments which can be the cause of long-term issues. Coach D has created the perfect studio for strength training with all the equipment and expertise in helping you build a solid, balanced body.




As a former professional athlete and current endurance competitor, Coach D knows the importance of stability. While “strength” is the most commonly recognized element of training, “stability” is the next level of complete fitness. Stability is what holds it all together and Coach D is an expert at achieving sound stability with her wide range of exercises for accessing these hard-to-reach areas of the body for strengthening. While large muscle strength is good, there are many “stabilizer” muscles that often get over looked and this becomes evident when you do things that require use of these previously undeveloped, smaller muscles. Coach D makes it challenging and fun to discover just how many parts we have that don’t get adequate attention in our training for a stronger, healthier lifestyle.