Why Training with Power is BEST:

PEC’s WATTS based sessions are custom designed to make you faster! Our screens display your watts, speed and cadence in real time!

• Power meters provide highly accurate details about how your fitness is improving.

• Input (heart rate) data isn’t meaningful until it is compared with some measure of output (power). Output is critical to success; input isn’t.

-They don’t give awards at races to those who worked the hardest or had the highest heart rates (input), but rather to those who had the fastest time which results from high power (output). – Joel Friel


• Intervals start as soon as the power hits the targeted zone—which means right away. You get the intensity correct immediately with no guesswork. The intervals don’t taper off! This means no wasted training time and precise intensity.

• Guaranteed 15-20% increase in your FTP within 6-8 weeks which means

• Tacx offers detailed record of every ride! Export your workouts directly to the best power-analysis software out there (www.TRAINING

• Power allows athletes to hone in on their weaknesses immediately which provides quicker results!


This is not your corporate spin class!


Train on IM courses

Why is TACX training different from traditional cycling classes?

Download and ride your upcoming race on our Tacx
software so you can prepare for what lies ahead!

Whether you are just looking to ride a bike for a healthier life or if you are a professional bicycle racer, why would you not want to train like the professionals do if it’s available?

PEC offers the most technologically advanced and state of the art power based training facility in the Twin Cities; by utilizing Tacx power meters and software.

Power based training (watts) gives you more accurate objective data.   Heart rate or perceived exertion can be can be influenced by many variables that are eliminated by adding wattage to a riders profile.   Wattage is a measurement of the workload you’ve done independent from speed, winds, hills and all other variables that can change how difficult you perceived a ride to be.


Personally owned power tap
sync directly with the
Tacx software!






This is why POWER based training is not your typical SPIN class.  There is objective data to measure gains in fitness and strength.   This adds a whole new dimension of accountability within your training hour.


Tacx Cyclist
Happy PEC Cyclist! 






Again, POWER based training is geared toward improving a cyclist’s overall fitness and strength on the bike.  

Yes! We have a more accurate measure of calories burned in an hour.  Yes! We still listen to upbeat music and Yes! We heckle our friends.  NO, we don’t do push-ups on our handle-bars! NO, Coach D won’t let you have an all-natural recovery drink of hops.

All we care about is WATTS, the only true measure of showing improvement in strength or fitness on the bike!

So what are Watts or a wattage? Strictly speaking, a watt is a measure of power per unit of time (1 joule per second, to be exact!) PEC owns TACX power based trainers that provide riders with this data.  If you already have a power meter on your bike this will sync with our Tacx software to offer you even more personal information about your workout.

Tacx Trainer

Tacx Trainer set up!



PEC uses power based training because our #1 priority is to better our cyclist fitness and strength on their own bike. Coaching with watts provides an objective measure of an athlete’s progress.


What YOU can expect on Day 1:

Riders perform a 20′ threshold test on their own bike to determine their FTP (functional threshold power). Your FTP score is then used to create your CUSTOM training zones which will be used throughout your 8-week program. Riders who commit to our 12 week cycling series (riding 2x/week) typically  increase their FTP by 15-20%!

If you have an opportunity to train like a professional, why wouldn’t you?

We hope to see you and your bike soon! Cheers, PEC